Swim Team Update

Posted by Kings Charter Swim Team on May 29 2020 at 02:21PM PDT

Tidal Waves Family,

This week the Tidal Waves board met and made the extremely difficult decision to cancel the 2020 summer swim team. This was not a decision any of us wanted to make, but with the continued uncertainty we determined that we could no longer offer an effective summer swim season that was safe for our swimmers, coaches, and community. More on the steps we took in making this determination is included at the end of this message.

While we will not be having the summer season, we acknowledge that as things open up outdoor swimming may present an opportunity for our kids to be active over the summer while maintaining appropriate social distancing. For this reason, we are looking at the option of hiring some of our coaches to lead a swim club. Details are still to come, but we are envisioning a program that:

  • Will allow swimmers to practice and improve their skills through experienced coaching.
  • Will provide a safe opportunity for outdoor activity that will be implemented in accordance with the Governor’s restrictions on social distancing and best practices for opening outdoor pools.
  • Will not include competitions with other teams, and will not be a part of GRAL.
  • May be limited based on numbers and age of participants.
  • Will be offered at a modest cost to Kings Charter families without the volunteer commitment associated with the swim season.

We plan to provide more information on this and put out an interest survey in the near future.

In making the determination for the season:

  • We gathered information on other swim clubs, including other GRAL teams, and looked at the steps year round teams were using to resume practice.
  • We also looked at the impact of the social distance mandates. In Phase 1, pools are limited to one swimmer per lane. While we expect this to open up somewhat in future phases, we still expect the social distancing requirements would limit us to a couple swimmers in each lane. Additionally, the reported limit on Phase 2 would require no more than 50 people at the pool, including coaches, life guards, and parents if they needed to accompany their kids to practice. These things combined would make it extremely difficult to coordinate a practice schedule.
  • Meets would not begin prior to Phase 3, and as of this date we still do not know when we will transition into Phase 2. There is a good chance the GRAL season may not happen, and we do not have a way to fairly register and charge families not knowing what will be included in the season.
  • Our team has a history of building up young swimmers through the exceptional hands on work of our coaching staff. The current environment will not allow them to safely assume this role in a way that supports our younger athletes.

The Tidal Waves will resume our place swimming in GRAL for the 2021 season, and any of this year’s High School Graduates have received a waiver and are welcome to join us next summer.

Again, this has been an extremely difficult decision for us to make. I am thankful for the continued support of the Kings Charter Board and our own Board Members and Coaches who have supported us in the uncertainty of the last few months. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

Keith Sherrill
Board President