February 2023 Tidal Waves Newsletter

Posted by Kings Charter Swim Team on Feb 16 2023 at 11:15AM PST

Winter is here, but it is time to start thinking about summer swim. Preparations have already begun for the 2023 Kings Charter Tidal Waves swim season! So why would you want to be a Tidal Wave this summer??
The best Coaching staff led by Andrew Kiss and Wendy Benson!
First chance to get in the water! Swim practice starts the TWO Mondays BEFORE Memorial Day, so you can beat the crowd into the pool.
Tidal Waves’ seasons are PACKED with pool parties, games, good food, team cheers, a banquet, spirit nights and FUN, FUN, and more FUN! Being a part of the team is also a great way to get to know other kids in the neighborhood.
Last year we had over 150 kids on the team. Our size and success has allowed us to compete in Division II in our league, meaning even bigger and better meets!
Swim Buddies give the older kids a chance to help teach the younger swimmers and give the younger swimmers (and new families) a contact as they learn what to expect. And they are FUN for both!
Parents – this is a great opportunity for you, too, to get to know your neighbors!
Learning to swim builds a kid’s confidence and can even save a life. While rare, accidental drownings do happen and newer swimmers will rapidly develop their skills being a part of a swim team.

We will hold our yearly Open House and swimsuit fitting on March 22nd, 2023 in the Clubhouse Great Room from 6p-8p. Registration will also open March 22nd.

We do have a few open committee positions, so get them before they’re gone!! We are looking for a person the take over Fundraising, Website and Communications and Secretary. Please send us an email to inquire about positions.

We need a few extra helping hands in CERTIFIED positions. These require some online training and possibly a shadow training at a meet. These positions MUST be filled to run our meets. Please consider joining our trained crew and contact us by email below!!

Questions about being a Tidal Wave? Contact us at or visit our website at

You Can’t Outswim a Tidal Wave!!


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